Thursday, 22 December 2011

Guidelines For Choosing A Good Article Writer - 3 Practical Tips

If you are in the market for choosing a good article writer and still searching for the right professional, here are some practical tips for hiring the best wordsmith for your publication needs.
First of all remember what works for general shopping deals doesn't work so well when it comes to creative professionals like writers. This means, don't go looking for a one-size-fits all type of individual - there's no generic form for good article writers that can deliver original web copy as well as marketing content and magazine feature articles in addition to fiction, SEO articles and what have you!
Secondly, if you've come across a writer whose style you find appealing and have initiated an inquiry for services with but faced unreturned phone calls or emails, it is advisable to move on to searching for a true professional. Basic courtesy with either turning down or at least replying with a request for more time to revert in detail is the least a good writer will offer clients.
Thirdly, if you find that you are unable to communicate with your chosen writer and your vision or your time is not respected in subtle or obvious disinterest expressed by the writer, listen to your intuition and continue your search for a good writer.
Finally, if the writer quotes a price tag that has you considering a bank loan, think again about hiring him. Of course, really good writers won't work for a sandwich but that shouldn't mean that quality copy should cost you your first born either!
So, for choosing a good article writer who doesn't have the 'I hung the moon' attitude, here is what to do for ensuring you are working with a real professional.
Step 1 - Set up an introductory phone session and ask specific project related open-ended questions to your writer. Inquire about the writer's interest, knowledge and willingness to research the topic further for creating original, quality articles for you. Also, encourage the writer to tell you about his or her background and request the writer to repeat your goals so you can verify the writer has understood about your unique services or products and is the right person for targeting your message.
Step 2 - Request regular progress reports on your article-writing project. If your writer has a problem with offering regular updates on your project, he may not be the right one for you, especially if you are going to be left in the dark about when to expect deliverables. Or, for that matter, left wondering if you will have enough time to request amendments or tweaks, if required, prior to deadlines.
Step 3 - Hire a writer with 3 best qualities who leaves you feeling you wish you'd hired her sooner! The 3 best qualities of a good writer are quality, timeliness and affordability.
Once you find someone who can deliver on all 3 factors of a good article writer, arranging for a trial assignment or pilot project for writing a small set of original articles is a good way to test the waters. This way you will be able to determine the 3 most important qualities of a good writer and hopefully not have to look any further while getting your specific needs met in a speedy manner. Good writing impresses your target audience too! Yes, this does mean choosing the writer who leaves you feeling you'd hired her sooner!

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