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Creative Article Writer - 5 Tips For Hiring A Good Creative Writer

This article contains 5 practical tips for hiring a good creative writer for print and online publications that require quality content on a regular basis. If you are an editor or publisher looking to hire a good creative writer, use these 5 handy tips to find the best article writer for your publication!
As an editor or publisher of a creative writing magazine, journal, website or blog, the requirement for a good creative writer who can contribute original, well-researched and evergreen articles is a constant.
However, if you want much more than content writing services or fresh SEO content to increase readership and traffic, then you need to re-examine your method of looking for creative article writers, especially if you haven't found a dedicated team of content writers so far.
Good writers are the kind who can assuredly stretch their muscles, are willing to step out of their comfort zones and are open to new writing challenges - the 3 main factors of publishing success.
While it is scary to try out new things and most creative writers are the shy kind, which is why they choose to put pen to paper (or use a typewriter or computer) to run their thoughts by a target audience, the only way to grow a business or a profession is to take risks.
So, do read through the following 5 tips for hiring a good creative writer - one who can deliver on the 5 essentials mentioned below that are prerequisites to creative writing success - the underlining factor to increasing your publication's sales!
5 Essential Qualities of A Good Creative Writer - Can Your Chosen Writer Deliver On These?
  1. Can the writer develop new article ideas if required during the initial consultation sessions? Is the writer is willing to try out writing articles on subjects he or she has never written on before? is the writer open to interviewing and additional research should the writing project require these? If yes, move on to determining the next 4 essential qualities since your aim is to hire a creative writer who is willing to take the initiative and responsibility in trying out new writing opportunities to help your publication grow!
  2. The best way to determine if that new supplement, magazine pull-out, new article series or current hot topic blog for your company you may be planning will generate more readers and subscribers, is to hire creative writers who have portfolio clips to support their ability to grab reader attention. Ask the writer for relevant clips with bylines you can verify for quality purposes prior to hiring the writer.
  3. Try the "Switch POV" strategy in giving your chosen creative article writer a trial writing assignment, like a "Pilot Project," to determine if the writer will be a good fit for boosting your publication value. In the test article, you can request your writer to 'switch POV' (Point of View) to judge the writing style that will best click with readers, which means writing an article in first person instead of third person and running it by a smaller, niche group of readers before applying the technique to a wider target audience. For example, run the new writing style by your Twitter, Facebook or Business Blog readers prior to changing this style in the print version of your publication. Hire that writer whose writing style the readers best connect with, checking their preferences by following reader comments, tweets, FB likes and other tools.
  4. Ask the creative writer to switch from the standard writing form to a different one for judging a flexible writing style. For example, if your publication has an in-house style guide and you want to modify some of these points, but need to determine whether your chosen writer can be creative about introducing shorter or longer write ups presented with fewer or more graphics, you can request a change of writing form. Namely, switching from visual prose to factual reporting style or introducing a palindrome in place of the traditional sidebar or fact-file in table form of presenting main points of an article!
  5. A good creative writer will be able to deliver great articles even on controversial, awkward or even embarrassing topics and maintain an authentic professional tone to the write-up. So give your creative writer a wide range of topics. Request him or her to write a sample article from each one of the broad topics that would be challenging to tackle, like caste based politics, reservations for government jobs, religion, incest, etc.
Conclusion: Even though writers are no different from other creative professionals when it comes to falling into a habit of playing it safe by accepting writing projects in their comfort zone (read area of expertise requiring a certain literary form, genre and theme) the best creative writer is one who is willing to grow along with your publication needs. So choose a professional who can deliver on the above 5 essentials for a good creative writer and watch your business grow!

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