Thursday, 22 December 2011

Quality of a Good Writer - Things to Know About Writing

A good writer has many qualities that makes his article or any write up most popular among the readers. A good writer has clarity, vision, flow and an excellent command over the language. There are many things that one should keep in mind if they really want to be a good writer. A nice piece of work demands:
1) Clarity- the article should be clear enough in its thoughts. Writers should be clear in their thoughts then only they will be able to convey the message to their readers. If the writer is confused then he or she will not be able to make their readers understand what they actually trying to say in the article written. There should be clarity in each line so that the meaning comes out effectively.
2) Vision- writers should be visionary. Imagination is the most important thing to consider when one is writing something. If you are not visionary then you will not be able to expand your area of writing or give way to your thoughts. Generally, writers get struck now and then while writing because they do not know from where to start and where to end. You need to be imaginary as well so that you can add up some sugar and spice in your piece of writing.
3) Sentence structure- this is another important criteria while writing your piece. You need to give a special attention on the sentence construction. Sentences should be framed in such a way that it can be understood by the readers easily. Tough and long sentences should be avoided as it creates lot of confusion in the readers mind. One should go for short and smart sentences!
4) Flow- writers should keep in mind the flow of writing. Readers should not feel like they are reading two different stories at a time. So flow is also an important thing that writers should not avoid and must improve if they are lacking in that.
5) Grammar- grammar is another part that needs attention. You can write well with Internet blog reviews, you have good imaginative power and you can write in a flow but if your article is not grammatically correct then you can not be a good writer. Command over the language is equally necessary for any writer.
6) Vocabulary- writers needs to work up on their vocabulary to make the piece more beautiful. There is no denying the fact that the writers should use the common people's language but they should also not underestimate the power of writing and thus using the new and beautiful words where necessary.
7) Proofreading and editing- proofreading and editing is just like decorating a cake before serving it for the final day. When we write something we usually feel we have written the master piece and so there is no need to make any amendments. But reality is different altogether. When we write something it definitely includes new ideas or a flow but we do make mistakes while writing, no matter how capable writer you are. A piece of write-up demands a good proofreading and proper editing. When you write something just go through it after sometime. You will find lots of mistakes waiting for you to be amended. Proofreading and editing makes your piece of writing complete.

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